The Official Journal of the European Commission states that ‘the success of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) relies on close co-operation and coherent action at Community Member State and local level as well as on information, consultation and involvement of the public’. This involvement, enshrined in Article 14 of the WFD, can take many forms such as:

  • Becoming better informed about the WFD and what it means
  • Participating in and contributing to local consultation events that will take place as the actions required by the WFD are put into place by regulatory bodies
  • Being more aware of how our actions and choices can impact on the water environment
  • Taking part in local environmental activities
  • Reviewing business activities to identify ways to reduce the water footprint
  • Changing water use habits at home and at work.

This Information page provides links to activities in the WFD River Basin Districts in the UK and Ireland, including examples of local initiatives and projects which are helping to deliver the objectives of the WFD.

  • Local Action: which describes events and projects that communities are undertaking and which contribute to the objectives of the WFD
  • Helping to deliver the WFD: which describes a number of projects being undertaken across Europe to develop the tools by which member states, their regulatory authorities and the general public can act to deliver the objectives of the WFD
  • Library: which contains documents describing how to increase public participation in community-wide activities. Some relate directly to the WFD and some originate from other sectors but the techniques are still appropriate
  • Make a Difference: which gives hints and tips on how to reduce the water footprint at home and at work.

Local young people from South Liverpool share their ideas and views on the Speke Garston Coastal Reserve.

The Young People's Panel was organised by Mersey Waterfront to engage young people in the development of the Coastal Reserve.

Their input was recorded and used by the Mersey Basin Campaign to support funding applications and new landscape designs.



Courtesy of the Mersey Basin Campaign


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