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                                                                                              April 2022
        Spring Issue

                                  T      H       E W                  O        R      L      D I             S
                                  THE WORLD IS

                                  A HUGE PLACE
                                  A HUGE PLACE

     Welcome to my fi nal newsletter for
     the Foundation for Water Research.
     As you can see from the lead article,
     major changes lie ahead for FWR
     and, as we look to the future, I want
     to wish the inheritors much success
     in taking forward the legacy of the
     Foundation and, most importantly, to
     have lots of fun along the way!
     In addition to the lead article which
     explains what will happen next in
     the process of change for us, I have
     chosen some recent items of water-
     related news which have caught my
     attention and which I wanted to share
     with you.
     I just wanted to say that I have
     greatly enjoyed working with my                                                                                 Credit: M Forshaw
     colleagues here at FWR, and also with
     the many contributors of articles over
     the last ten years. They have very
                                  How will we know where
     generously given freely both of their   H o w   w ill   w e   k n o  w    w   h  ere
     time and expertise.
                                  we fit in unless we explore
     Lots of good wishes to all.  w   e f   i t i n u   n  l e s s w     e e   x  pl  o  r e
     Maxine Forshaw - Editor      beyond our comfort zone?                                       Dr Eric Valentine,
                                                                                                 FWR Chair
     W:  E:
     T: 01628 891589. v              AM SURE ERNEST SHACKLETON, the great British polar explorer will forgive me
                                  I  for modifying his famous quote, but this seems very apt for me at this moment.
          CONTENTS                 As Chair of the Foundation for Water      Indeed, in this issue of our
                                   Research I have had the pleasure          newsletter we are promoting our
      FWR UPDATE            1      of leading this organisation on its       latest publication, the Freshwater
      Natural Flood Management   2  important mission to educate the         Biology and Ecology Handbook,
      Freshwater Biology & Ecology   public in the science, engineering      which has been produced in
      Handbook              3
                                   and management of water. An epic          collaboration with the Freshwater
      Environment Act becomes law  3  challenge, but one that my esteemed    Biological Association. A great
      Chalk Stream Strategy   4    fellow Trustees and I, together           example of how we continue to
      Ofwat Innovation Fund   4
                                   with the amazing team of staff and        work in partnership on the topic
                                   consultants that we work with have        of protecting river health, which is
                                   been comfortable in taking on.            rising up the public agenda.                                            1                                      Issue 1 April 2022
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