RBM planning – stakeholder involvement

National Liaison Panel for England

The Environment Agency set up the Panel to represent the main national sectors and organisations in England in the development of national mechanisms and measures to support river basin planning. The first meeting was held on 13 July 2007. The panel consists of around 20 members based around the key co-deliverers, that is, organisations who are responsible for carrying out actions. The panel members are expected to represent the views of the whole of their sector and act as a two-way channel between the panel and their sector.

The national panel provides national level help and advice to the Environment Agency, acts as a forum for negotiations between deliverers on national measures and raises issues directly with the Environment Agency.

The national panel will not scrutinise the work of the RBD liaison panels but will consider national issues they raise. The national liaison panel will only include English stakeholders.

Membership List of the Panel and meeting papers and Minutes are available on the Agency’s website:


RBD Liaison Panels

The Environment Agency set up 10 River Basin District Panels in England and Wales. Members represent main stakeholder sectors in each RBD. For further information about the approach to implementing the WFD in England at the River Basin District level, click on the link below and select the River Basin District of interest:

Defra WFD National Stakeholder Group for England

Defra invites a wide range of stakeholders to meetings two or three times a year to provide a forum where external stakeholders are updated on progress and asked for comments and feedback on how implementation is progressing. WFDIC also participate in these meetings. Agendas, Minutes, presentations and other documents from the meetings can be viewed on this website. See the Table below:

Defra England WFD Stakeholder Forum Meetings




Environment Agency WFD update

WFD Consultations summary

Other Documents



20th Sept



EA WFD Update


EI Hydromorph



4th May






Economics pCEA Workplan

Classification and Standards


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