- Scotland RBD
Solway Tweed XRBD

   - Northumbria XRBD
   - North West RBD
Humber RBD
   - Severn XRBD
Anglian RBD
   - Thames RBD
   - South West RBD
South East RBD

   - Western Wales RBD

Northern Ireland:
   - North Eastern RBD
Neagh Bann IRBD
   - North Western IRBD

Republic of Ireland:
1st Cycle River Basin Districts:

   - Western RBD
Shannon IRBD
   - Eastern RBD
South Eastern RBD
   - South Western RBD

2nd Cycle River Basin Districts:
   - National RBD
International RBDs

RBD - River Basin District
XRD - Cross border RBD
IRBD - International RBD

Changes to the Republic of Ireland River Basin Districts for the
2nd Cycle River Basin Management Plans

A single administrative area will be established in the Republic of Ireland portion of the North Western and Neagh Bann International River Basin Districts for the purpose of coordinating their management with authorities in Northern Ireland.

The responsible bodies in Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are coordinating their water management actions through a North-South Working Group on Water Quality. This group is supported by the North-South Technical Advisory Group and North-South Rivers and Lakes Group. NIEA also participates in the Irish Environmental Protection Agency’s National Implementation Group for Water Framework Directive, which will provide a mechanism for cross-border catchment initiatives.

Integrated Water Quality Assessments - North Western and Neagh Bann
River Basin Districts 2013

This EPA assessment presents monitoring data, an assessment of the data and a focus on key issues that affect water quality in the NBIRBD and NWIRBD.




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