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  • Sniffer

    This Forum identifies and manages environmental research on behalf of its members who comprise the Scottish Government, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, the Forestry Commission and other stakeholders. Key areas include the implementation of the WFD, air quality, land quality and the urban environment.
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    The Scottish Government's Environment Group commissioned Sniffer to provide a research and knowledge management service in relation to flood risk management. RISE (Research Information Service for Flood Risk Management), has been of the main tools for delivering this service. It provided a one-stop shop for information on flood risk management research, particularly targeted at Scottish stakeholders but is not currently being updated.

    Any reports resulting from the programme and associated Sniffer publications, can be found on Sniffer’s website.

  • Scottish Advisory & Implementation Forum for Flooding (SAIFF)

    To support the implementation of the new Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009, the Scottish Government has established a Scottish Advisory and Implementation Forum on Flooding (SAIFF). SAIFF comprises representatives from the government, government agencies, local authorities and other stakeholders. In addition to supporting the work of the Scottish Government, SAIFF will provide technical support to all parties involved in the implementation of the Act and the EC Floods Directive.
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    Three core working groups will initially take forward the work of SAIFF: SAIFF comprises a series of working groups overseen by a control board.

    • Flood Risk Assessment Group
    • Flood Risk Management Group
    • Natural Flood Management Group

    Details of the work of these groups is available on the above website.

    Advice on flooding matters has been provided to the Scottish Government through a variety of groups and Committees such as the Flooding Bill Advisory Group (FBAG), the Flooding Issues Advisory Committee (FIAC) and the National Technical Advisory Group on Flooding Issues (NTAG). This advice has helped the Scottish Government and public bodies take forward important improvements to how flooding is assessed and managed across Scotland.

    Some archives from these groups are available on the Scottish Government website. For example:

  • Scottish Environment LINK

    This Forum is for Scotland's voluntary organisations representing a broad spectrum of environmental interests with the common goal of contributing to a more environmentally sustainable society.

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  • Scottish Freshwater Group – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

    The Scottish Freshwater Group (SFG) is a forum for members to exchange information across disciplines and to promote awareness of current issues and research related to the freshwater environment in Scotland.

  • The WFD- UKTAG (United Kingdom Technical Advisory Group)

    This Group is a partnership of UK and Ireland environment and conservation agencies which provides co-ordinated advice on technical aspects of the implementation of the WFD.




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