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Click on the link below for information about the South West River Basin District; the liaison panel; contact details and a detailed map of the District.


In December 2006, the Environment Agency issued a consultation entitled ‘River Basin Planning: Working Together and Plan of Action’ and covers each of the River Basin Districts in England and Wales. The consultation closed on 22 June 2007.

Summary of Significant Water Management Issues (SSWMI) consultations - the second River Basin Planning consultation (24 July 2007 to 24 January 2008) sets out what they believe to be the most significant issues that face each particular RBD.

The consultation supporting and response documents are available on the River Basin District’s website:

South West river basin district river basin management plan: 2009

The Environment Agency, together with the South West liaison panel, produced a draft River Basin Management Plan for the South West River Basin District on 22 December 2008. The consultation ran for 6 months to 22 June 2009 and the Environment Agency submitted the plan to the Secretary of State for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 22 September 2009.

The River Basin Management Plan was approved by the Secretary of State on 22 December 2009 and describes what everyone has to do to improve the water environment over the next 20 years. It is about the pressures facing the water environment in this river basin district, and the actions that will address them. It has been prepared in consultation with a wide range of organisations and individuals and is the first of three six-year planning cycles.

The South West River Basin Management Plan, supporting annexes, and other supporting information are available on the  GOV.UK website:

Following the first RBMP there have been three Environment Agency consultations:

     1. A consultation on Working Together to deliver river basin management (June to December 2012)

This consultation asked how the Environment Agency should work with groups and individuals to achieve the objectives of the current RBMPs and develop the updated plans.

     2. Challenges and choices consultation (22 June to 22 December 2013)

This consultation asked for views on the most significant issues for each river basin district in England. The Environment Agency also sought views on a strategic environmental assessment scoping document.

Consultation documents for the South West River Basin District are available at:

     3. Update to the draft river basin management plans consultation (10 October 2014 to 10 April 2015)

This consultation shared the objectives and measures set out in the first river basin management plans and asked which issues stakeholders could contribute to.

South West river basin district river basin management plan: 2015 (Published 18 February 2016)

This updated plan builds on the work already done to protect and improve the water environment in the South West RBD. Click on the link below to access the plan and supporting documents.


   - Western Wales RBD

Northern Ireland:
   - North Eastern RBD
Neagh Bann IRBD
   - North Western IRBD

Republic of Ireland:
1st Cycle River Basin Districts:

   - Western RBD
Shannon IRBD
   - Eastern RBD
South Eastern RBD
   - South Western RBD

2nd Cycle River Basin Districts:
   - National RBD
International RBDs


   - Scotland RBD
Solway Tweed XRBD

   - Northumbria XRBD
   - North West RBD
Humber RBD
   - Severn XRBD
Anglian RBD
   - Thames RBD
   - South West RBD
South East RBD

RBD - River Basin District
XRD - Cross border RBD
IRBD - International RBD



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