RBMPs in Scotland

There are variations in the Plans specifically related to the situation in the devolved administrations and these can be found by clicking on the countries below:

The river basin management plan for the Scotland River Basin District has been produced by SEPA, the Competent Authority for Scotland, together with National and Area Advisory Groups, involving a wide range of organisations with an interest in the water environment.

The river basin management plan for the Solway Tweed River Basin District was prepared in co-operation with the Environment Agency.

These plans can both be seen at:

River Basin Management in Scotland

The river basin management plan for the Scotland river basin district 2009 – 2015


The river basin management plan for the Solway Tweed  river basin district 2009 – 2015

The plans for the two river basin districts in Scotland consist of the following main components:

  • Non technical summary
  • The main document:
    • Chapter 1 – State of the water environment (+ Appendices)
    • Chapter 2 – Environmental objectives (+Appendices)
    • Chapter 3 – Achieving the environmental objectives (+ an Appendix)
    • Chapter 4 – Heavily modified and artificial water bodies (+an Appendix)
    • Chapter 5 – Protected areas (+ Appendices)
  • Annex 1 Competent authorities
  • Annex 2 Consultation and engagement
  • Annex 3 Cost recovery
  • Water body sheets
  • Interactive map application
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Habitats Regulations Appraisal and Appropriate Assessment

Details of the draft plans, a summary of consultation responses and the changes made to the final plans can also be accessed from the SEPA website:

The following most significant issues have been identified in the RBDs in Scotland:

  • Pollution from agriculture, sewage disposal, acidification, abandoned mines and other sources
  • Abstraction and impoundment (drinking water supply, agricultural irrigation, hydropower, aquaculture, drinks manufacture and others)
  • Alterations to beds, banks and shores (urban land uses and urban flood protection, agriculture, forestry and legacy of past engineering activities)

Where can I find detailed information about the RBMPs?

The water body data sheets that form part of the Scotland and Solway Tweed river basin management plans, contain information on classification and objectives for particular rivers, lochs and groundwater bodies in Scotland.

An interactive map is also available on the SEPA website at:




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